Mr Sweden take 2


After date 1, a drought ensued throughout our Whatsapp conversations. He was a very busy person it seemed and 14 hour working patterns seemed to swallow him whole. The shine was certainly wearing off Mr Sweden.  The dullness took full affect when on Monday morning he messaged me and asked if we could rearrange Tuesday to Wednesday. I was not impressed and even thought of cancelling on him several times, but I refrained on the basis that I need to give somebody a chance.

Wednesday arrived and it was like the western Sahara on Whatsapp. I am that type of person that likes to confirm events at a reasonable time before the event. 15 minutes before the agreed time, he messaged me to say he had left. I mean, honestly what was the point of that? He arrived by the Box office and texted me again. I could see him and thought I should watch his reaction as I messaged: ‘I am here too, just look for a fabulously hot girl walking towards you’. No reaction could be detected.  Couple of seconds on, there was a slight incline of the right cheek that was  followed by a smile. He is the type that keeps his cards close to his chest; I’d argue that the cards were located in a crater in his inner organs. I had to prepare for long excavation. The Swedish proverb ‘Tala är silver, tiga är guld’, which translates to ‘to talk is silver silence is golden’ definitely described him.

I approached him from behind and tapped his shoulder. He was staring at the lights pictured below. He spun around and looked at me with a warm gentle look. Goodness me, I had completely forgotten how great looking he was. If looks could jump on top of you , wrap their legs around you and snog your face off then that happened. However, the reality was only a hug and two pecks on the cheek. I can’t say I was  disappointed with just that. It turns out we couldn’t go to ice skating as it was fully booked until 9pm. He really should have really checked and booked previously, but I am nevertheless content at just being there in the same space as him. I like spending time with him.


We chose a restaurant, with the intention of ordering food and going ice skating at 9pm. However, we ended up drinking and talking the entire away. We even forgot about food. The waiter would approach us every so often to prompt us, but we so engrossed in our conversations that we kept asking for 5 more minutes. At some point during the night she realised we were a lost cause, so she stopped interrupting us. We continued to talk about all my favourite controversial topics (racism, religion, immigration and politics) mixed between the more mundane day-to-day topics. I was really trying to gauge him and crack his shell. I could tell, he was intrigued and trying not offend me. He was so culturally sensitive; must be the Swedish socialist in him. His arguments were well reasoned and very close to my viewpoints. He carefully put a case forward for each personal perspective, as if it was well rehearsed. Although, he seemed genuine throughout.


Later on, I brought out the big guns ‘Tala är silver, tiga är guld’ is what I said in my very best drunken Swedish accent. This was very well received. This definitely describes you, I told him. He then went on to tell me another proverb that I can not remember much of but it was something along the lines of ‘takes a long time to know someone but once you know them’. With my mind working overtime, I could still not quite comprehend. He recognised this, so he expanded: ‘you know it take a while to push through the first bit of someone and then once you’re in you’re in’. At this point, I was drunk enough to forget the proverb talk and assume he was throwing strange sexual innuendos at me. I put on my outraged face and he laughed and explained once more. The night came to a close as they flicked the lights on full blast at the restaurant as a polite (though slightly passive aggressive) signal for us to get the hell out of there. We jumped into an Uber and he insisted on dropping me home first. We sat at opposite ends of the back seat and continued talking about our plans and rearranged to meet again. We arrived back to min, with two pecks on the cheek and a hug later I was snuggled up in bed alone (the way I like it!) .image-1








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