Mr Best & the 40 deal

There have been ups and downs to this year. Some days I go to bed thinking I am the only black sheep in this world; I close my eyes and dream of other black sheep that I can relate to. Other days, I meet brown sheep that share some characteristics of black sheep but they ultimately are not black. 
I tend to steer away from brown and white sheep. All those who I hold dearest are undeniably black. One prime example is Mr Best. He simply is the best human being I have come across. Despite being two identical peas, we are in very different pods. Sometimes I wish we could share a pod and blossom together, but nature didn’t present us with that hand. We simply are not meant to be due to this tragic natural glitch. 
Mr Best & I have spent years dining, drinking at picturesque venues and engaging in other haughty activities. We are both total snobs and this trait only proliferates uncontrollably when we are together. We share many interests, opinions and we can talk about everything.
Every time I tell him about a new date, I watch the internal battle he has. He wants me to be happy but he wants to be that person. At times I catch him looking at me hesitantly, but once he knows he has been caught he decides he can’t go beyond that line. We often discuss his dating too. Let’s put it this way, if my dating is a car crash then his is a M25 car pile up that has caused the road to be sealed off. We often joke about dating then I inform him that I would only make the rest of his hair fall out. 
For years, our confused relationship has survived many challenges. However, a jolly Christmas text professing that he will always be here for me and a declaration that he would date me if it wouldn’t ruin our friendship has made the unspoken confusion real. I was Neo and he had presented the blue and red pill. Prick! 
I wasn’t ready to escape our matrix so I just simply agreed. On our next outing, we made the 40 deal. If we both are unmarried and uncommitted then we will get married. 


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