Mr Pakistan 

Nervous. He walked in and made shuddered eye contact. Tone it down I told myself. He is just a snack and not even a starter like I originally thought he would be. What an insult to all starters: how rude of me to get him so confused. I was on my best behaviour so the grill was off and he got rather comfortable, too comfortable if I may add. 
Mr Pakistan was the product of the new generation  of globalised confused kids. Look around, as there are a cohort of these hitting streets near you right now and if you look closely you will see this ubiquitous type everywhere. However, be prepared to become anti-immigration upon your first encounter with this type and I am talking here as a first generation immagrant! These types are different to the already integrated westernised immigrants. They are the scummy by-product of hope, desire for better life and failed cultural integration.  The key characteristics of these kids include (but are not limited to): 

First/ second generation immigrant 

Religious background 

Western jobs 

Strict parents 

Disconnect between their cultures and the western lifestyles

Mr Pakistan drank wine rather comfortably but like the epitome of these globally confused kids he refused to touch pork. He professed to engage in Ramadan but only until 5PM as anything beyond that would be rather inconvenient. He was through and through confused. Now, I don’t have an issue with this confused type unless they try to forcefully impose their confusion up on me. Mr Pakistan insisted I shouldn’t eat pork. Up yours asshole! The grill was on for the rest of the date and his remains were not found. 


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