The Boy Part ii 

He had the bluest eyes coupled with brunette hair. He was handsome indeed. He started talking and it quickly became apparent that he was uninhibited by social barbed wired fences built by his politically obsessed European ancestors. He didn’t knock the fences down by any means: he had some respect for them. He glided through the gaps with ease. I watched his artistic dancing around the fences. It was like watching a Swan Lake Tchaikovsky ballet production. 
A bottle of sake polished off and the smell of industrial grade bleach meant it was closing time at this authentic Japanese restaurant. I vaguely described a bar I thought would be suitable for drinks: ‘dark with stairs in China town’. I didn’t give him much to go with but he took the ropes and he climbed. I was amazed by his upper body strength and started to think that he may even be strong enough to carry my luggage. 
The London Cocktail bar it was. I was sat there amazed by his ability to find it. It was my third cocktail and I was starting to feel pretty wasted on a Tuesday. He was not as drunk as me so I decided he was an alcoholic. As I sat there judging him, I noticed them there again: bluest eyes I had seen since Sweden. This was dangerous. I was a bloody respectable lady. I did not kiss on the first date. Absolutely not! I was adamant and the words blurred out ‘sorry but I don’t kiss on the first date’! There! I had said it. He absorbed my words then he leaned in and closed 99% of the gap. He gave me one percent to play with. It wasn’t much but I was stubborn, so I stayed there. He wasn’t a conventional gentleman so he treated the one percent as stop over. He went all the way to 100%. Before I knew it, he was kissing me and I was so helpless. As impolite as his lips were they were surprisingly silky. Once my first line of defence was down then it all went downhill from there and it got very blurry, but it ended as such:
2AM stumbling through St Jame’s park, where we irreversibly scarred some swans with our horrendous PDA. 

4AM Uber home. Standing outside for 30 minutes followed by two tea’s that was found cold the next day. 

One new toothbrush in my sink and one last rule I was determined to leave unbroken. Of course, he tried to but he was a partial gentleman and didn’t push beyond one attempt. 


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