Mr Russia 

He was unconventionally attractive. This means that I found him appealing as he looked like an evil Bond villain. He talked without any emotions attached to his words. It was as if he was reading out a script of someone else’s life with nonchalance. 
He had chosen well with Bibendum. It was one of the original Francophile restaurants to open in London. Irrespective of the company, at least the quality of the food was almost certain to be great! 

As we walked through the restaurant heads turned for me. Russia was somewhere in the background lost in the smoke that the fire of my presence was causing. He found his way to the table and sat down apathetically. I was impressed. My enterance was like a carnival and he wasn’t dazzled. He wasn’t a generic guy so he could handle it all. 

He was all I thought a Russian man to be: he drank his spirits neat, was extremely difficult to read and complimented me just the right amount with major indifference. He was perfect! 
As he complimented my attire he said that he has always been used to being around spectacular women as his mother was quite the lady. He chuckled as I stared him up and down. ‘You may notice I am not much for clothes. I am not a lass’. I laughed at his half attempted colloquial prowess. 

As he talked, there was an air of success about him. A quick check on LinkedIn proved that he was one of the youngest Directors in a big investment bank. His confidence probably gave him a helping hand to get to where he was. He was clearly intelligent, but I was just hoping this didn’t translate to him being emotionally challenged. 
We talked for hours and hours. He said he had never talked to anyone so much: I had once spent an entire 6 hours stretch talking to Mr England, so this was nothing. At some point, his professional air broke down and I started to realise he was incredibly inappropriate. I loved it! All the same-ness in the world drives me crazy! I was absolutely fascinated by him. I would say I hadn’t met someone like him before but once you start dating like I do then you find people aren’t that unique. 

The day came to a close and he said he had the greatest date ever. I giggled at my great comeback in advance ‘ I had a great time wth me too’. He looked at me with more amusement than he would have probably wanted to show and said ‘you are mad’. I simply told him ‘all the best people are’. 


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