The Boy Part iii

Sometimes you’re just left speechless, but you find the words elsewhere:  Sharing one umbrella, We have to hold each other, Round the waist to keep together, You ask me why I’m smiling- It’s because I’m thinking, I want it to rain forever. ~ Vicki Feaver  Advertisements

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Mr Australia

      For months, we had arranged to date infrequently due to his work commitments. Sometimes work dropped his mood from the top of the world to the heights of Burj Khalifa. However, despite life issues, he was never low enough to drown like most people in the daily worries.  Today was not a date […]

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Mr Saudi and Mr Italy

   Mr Saudi was short (5’5), could get away with being mixed raced and displayed severe signs of mummy issues. His father had passed away as a child leaving him as the ‘man’ of the house. The weight of the pressures of being a ‘man’ from the age of 10 had not only stunted his […]

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Mr Norway

He was tall, well built and smart. If I had to pick a fault, his teeth had a slightly off-white tint, but that’s nothing that couldn’t be fixed with a whitening kit. Also, I wasn’t sure if his teeth looked awful because my nails were a luminous white that day. White was currently a theme […]

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Mr Bali 

He was exotic indeed. Indonesian- Iranian: god bless his parents for his vibrant gene pool. If they were to die achieving nothing else but the child at least they could say that they created a new race.   We had a drink by a dimly lit hotel bar and he insisted on going to a party. […]

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Mr Turkey

He wanted to be a man, a real man: the real kind of macho type. This mentality was beaten into him from a young age in the Middle East and now as a first generation immigrant it was hard to shake off. As I sat there looking at his perfectly chiseled face and stubbles, I […]

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Mr Taiwan 

Product of Taiwan and Britain. His father was a burgeoning CEO in the Far East and I guess he got curious. His mother, his secretary, was the outlet of this curiosity and became his sex-etary. Somehow that resulted in a marriage. I guess he did look like an accident. Like most mistakes, a creator far […]

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