One day I saw the ugliness within him,  The same ugliness I thought I could change,  However, I couldn’t.  Something deep inside me broke. I had nothing else left to say. He was just ugly now. I ran and ran, until he became an ugly ghost. 

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Mr Russia 

He was unconventionally attractive. This means that I found him appealing as he looked like an evil Bond villain. He talked without any emotions attached to his words. It was as if he was reading out a script of someone else’s life with nonchalance.  He had chosen well with Bibendum. It was one of the […]

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Mr Venezuela 

He laughed in between every other word. I couldn’t take him seriously but then I knew that was just what I loved about him. People get caught up in their own bullshit and forget to laugh stuff off. He always reminded me that you always must laugh from the bottom of your butthole – as […]

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Mr Italiano

He wasn’t much to look at, but he had that je ne sais quoi that any average looking man should possess in order to be somebody. He smiled playfully and wore a blazer with a scarf wrapped around his neck in a manner that should exclusively be reserved for an air hostess. He had an […]

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I looked at him and said there are tiny elephants in the room. He said they were only small and we should ignore them.  Over time, the tiny elephants became large elephants as that is what happens to tiny elephants. The room slowly became asphyxiating and yet he could not bring himself to talk of […]

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The Boy Part iii

Sometimes you’re just left speechless, but you find the words elsewhere:  Sharing one umbrella, We have to hold each other, Round the waist to keep together, You ask me why I’m smiling- It’s because I’m thinking, I want it to rain forever. ~ Vicki Feaver 

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Mr Australia

      For months, we had arranged to date infrequently due to his work commitments. Sometimes work dropped his mood from the top of the world to the heights of Burj Khalifa. However, despite life issues, he was never low enough to drown like most people in the daily worries.  Today was not a date […]

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